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File Viewers

What are viewers and players (plug-ins)?

Some NYRAH web pages have links to files that may require software downloads--called “plug-ins”-- to help you properly view these files. Plug-ins are optional software additions that let you read Adobe PDF documents or view Excel spreadsheets, for example.

How do I get the plug-ins I need?

The plug-ins below can be downloaded for free and will enable you to view all of the file formats on the NYRAH website:

pdf reader icon
Adobe Acrobat Reader (for files ending in.pdf)
Description: Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program that allows users to view files in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF is a universal file format that preserves the appearance of the original document. PDF files can be easily printed but not easily modified.
Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.
Word viewer icon
Word Viewer (for files ending in .doc or .docx)
Description: Microsoft Word is a word processing program used to create and edit text documents. You can view, print and copy Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed.
Download the Word Viewer plug-in.
Excel viewer icon
Excel Viewer (for files ending in .xls or .xlxs)
Description: Excel Viewer is a program for viewing and printing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents.
Download the Excel Viewer plug-in.
PowerPoint viewer icon
PowerPoint Viewer (for files ending in .ppt or .pptx)
Description: Microsoft PowerPoint is a program for viewing presentations and slide shows.
Download the PowerPoint Viewer plug-in.